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XS-1297 XX Eagle T-Type

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    The XX Eagle Transmission (T-Type) Cassette is a major reason why Eagle Transmission offers the best-ever inboard and outboard shifting performance under load. Thanks to its full X-Sync design, the harder you pedal, the better it shifts. Engineered as integrated and interdependent transmission components, the XX Eagle Transmission Cassette and derailleur contact directly, ensuring perfect alignment on every bike. Utilizes hardened tool steel machined X-Dome design for the cluster and stamped steel 38T and 44Tcogs are pinned to the lighter weight aluminum 12th gear.

  • Full X-SYNC for best-ever inboard and outboard shifting performance under load. Optimized gear steps on low end.
  • Features X-DOME with a lighter aluminum 12th gear
  • XD Driver Body
  • SRAM Model ID: CS-XS-1297-A1
Cog Material Steel/Aluminum
Cog Details 10,12,14,16,18,21,24,28,32,38,44,52
Cassette Spider Mat. Steel/Aluminum
Finish Silver/Black
Range 10-52T
Speed 12

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