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XX Eagle T-Type

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    The XX T-Type derailleur mounts around the wheel axle itself, contacting the cassette directly with a first-of-its-kind Hangerless Interface. The Full Mount attachment method creates a far stronger connection and grips both sides of the frame. A tucked-in profile houses replaceable skid plates that enhances dependability in high-pressure racing environments. To further its performance, the lower pulley called Magic Wheel keeps spinning if an object becomes lodged.

  • Hangerless Interface, Full Mount attachment method (UDH compatible frame required)
  • Install and pair via the reliable and familiar standard AXS set-up and pairing procedure.
  • Chain Management Features. Magic Wheel. Overload Clutch. Replaceable skid plates.
  • Battery Not Included
  • SRAM Model ID: RD-XX-E-B1
Primary Color Black
Minimum Cog 10T
Speed 12
Maximum Cog 52T

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